How do I know whether inflammation is occurring in my body?

Unfortunately, you probably won’t. There aren’t any reliable signs or symptoms of problem levels of systemic inflammation occurring within the body. Inflammatory markers are detectable, but unfortunately not in a reliable, diagnostic sense for the individual patient. It really is something of a ‘silent assassin’, although an examination of your diet and lifestyle habits will [...]

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Doesn’t inflammation just affect joints?

No. The inflammation you may have experienced within joints is a localised manifestation of the inflammation process. Inflammation can occur in any tissue in the body but can also operate chronically at a problematic systemic level – festering quietly at a low background setting all the time.

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Is inflammation a good thing?

Yes and no. A short-term, localised inflammatory response is a very good thing when it attacks an infectious bacterium. It’s a very bad thing when chronic systemic inflammation smolders away on a low setting for extended periods constantly looking for work – and quietly burning off blood vessels and healthy organs in the process. Our [...]

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