What’s the role of inflammation in dementia?

The brains of patients with Alzheimers (the most commonly seen form of dementia) consistently show the activated microglia and cytokines of inflammation. The mechanisms behind the onset of the various forms of dementia are still not clearly understood – but it is accepted that inflammation plays a key role in this progressively debilitating disease.

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What’s the role of inflammation in blood vessel (heart) disease and stroke?

The health problem generally known as heart disease is better termed blood vessel disease – because it is caused by blockages in blood vessels. How do these blockages occur?  A lesion called atherosclerosis happens when cholesterol, a type of fat, slowly accumulates over many years inside an artery wall.  These fatty deposits are not passive [...]

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What’s the role of inflammation in cancer?

Cancers happen when genes or DNA get disrupted and no longer work properly – affecting cell division and growth. Most normal cells die when vital functions are damaged, but sometimes they manage to survive and uncontrollably proliferate instead - becoming cancer. Inflammation is thought to initiate and promote cancer at multiple points. Toxic elements in [...]

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If this is established mainstream science, why hasn’t my GP talked to me about it?

Probably because most patients aren’t so interested in delving into “what’s behind my symptoms?” so much as “what do I need to do to fix them?” It doesn’t help that time is always a constraint during medical consultations. Consider bringing up the topic of systemic inflammation levels with your GP if there’s an opportunity, and [...]

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Which conditions/diseases have been linked to inflammation?

Cancers, blood vessel (heart) disease/strokes, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, dementia, psoriasis, allergies, asthma, depression, to name a few. Anything ending in –itis by definition has inflammation at its core, but many others, particularly the diseases of the older years, have in recent decades been traced to it. Inflammation has emerged as the culprit lurking [...]

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What’s the link between increasing age and inflammation?

Studies have shown that older people, in normal health, routinely have higher blood levels of the molecules that measure inflammation. These inflammatory markers no longer point to illness – they are simply a normal feature of older bodies. A word has been coined to describe the link between increasing age and increasing levels of inflammation [...]

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What can I do to avoid chronic inflammation?

It may be useful to think of foods or lifestyle decisions as being either broadly anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory, and strive to avoid the scales tilting too far over onto the pro-inflammatory side. Diet, exercise, weight, alcohol, smoking, sleep, stress, and exposure to toxins and pollutants all play a part. As an example, oily fish, olive [...]

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