Olive oil; healthy fats or potent nutraceuticals?

One of the healthiest ways to eat is the cuisine known as the Mediterranean diet: vegetables, legumes, fish, and a glass of red wine just occasionally. A key element is the ubiquitous olive, and its oil, which lubricates the whole package. Scientists once believed olive oil was healthy because it contained a lot of unsaturated fat, particularly one called oleic acid, back when orthodoxy said unsaturated fat, from plants, was healthy, and saturated fat, from animals, was not. Today’s data shows the distinction is not straightforward; whether saturated fat is really that unhealthy is debated. The debate has thrown light on the other elements in olive oil, particularly its polyphenols, that explain its benefits. A review of recent research, published this month, concluded that “Nowadays, many studies indicate that phenolic compounds contained in olive oil have positive effects on different biomarkers related to health”. In particular, on heart disease and cancer. So there is more to olives than a versatile oil. Lifeguard Essentials was formulated with the same insight in mind; one of the 5 ingredients is olive leaf.  See the research at http://www.mdpi.com/1422-0067/19/8/2305/htm

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Dr Mulgan, co-founder and CEO of LifeGuard, witnesses the impacts of the western lifestyle on the ageing process through his practice as a GP. A significant part of Dr Mulgan’s practice sees him providing care to residents in retirement homes. It was his desire to place a fence at the top of the cliff, instead of an ambulance at the bottom, that lead to our flagship product, LifeGuard Essentials.

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