Nine universities collaborate on healthy ageing bioactives

A plant rich diet is a major part of ageing well. It has been known for years that certain cuisines, like the Mediterranean diet (lots of olive oil and vegetables), throw up a lot of healthy old people. Science is increasingly recognising that certain elements in plants, the bioactives, have a lot to do with it. Bioactives go beyond nutrition to change metabolism; they lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and suppress inflammation. Nine European Universities have formed a collaboration to analyse the plants in the Mediterranean diet to find out what makes them tick. In time, the project hopes to identify healthy ageing nutraceuticals. Like Lifeguard Essentials, perhaps. See

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Dr Mulgan, co-founder and CEO of LifeGuard, witnesses the impacts of the western lifestyle on the ageing process through his practice as a GP. A significant part of Dr Mulgan’s practice sees him providing care to residents in retirement homes. It was his desire to place a fence at the top of the cliff, instead of an ambulance at the bottom, that lead to our flagship product, LifeGuard Essentials.

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