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I took Lifeguard for two months, after going to a health store asking for a turmeric supplement to help with joint stiffness and general health, and having this product recommended. When that supply ran out I didn’t immediately replenish it. After about a week and a half, I noticed that the stiffness I used to experience in my fingers first thing every morning was back (I’m not sure if it’s arthritis or something else), as well as the occasional pain in one of my knees. I actually hadn’t noticed the easing of these symptoms over the 2 months, but it was certainly noticeable once they returned. I will definitely keep taking this product.

Robyn, Auckland

I started to take the LifeGuard tablets a short while ago. I did this because I’m in my 40s and I know I have to start taking better care of myself – I’m getting older unfortunately!! I’ve never taken any supplements before but I know that inflammation is a cause of major disease in getting older. After looking at what’s available, I chose LifeGuard cause its been developed by a doctor who specialises in age care. If I’m going to take supplements then I want to know that I’m taking a good quality product. I have to say, that as a surprising and noticeable benefit of taking it, my sore arm and hand have vastly improved which is great and a tangible benefit, and I have a better sense of well-being.

Susan Wilson, Auckland
As an ex-smoker, I suffered poor gum health for years following quitting. After two months of taking Lifeguard Essentials, my oral hygienist remarked that my gums are the least inflamed she’s ever seen them. She’s been looking at them every three months for the past four years! She asked me “what have you been doing differently” and the only thing is taking Lifeguard. This stuff works.
Stephen, Wellington
LifeGuard really helps me with my gout. I had no idea that gout was an inflammatory disease. When I stop taking it, I pay the price. I can definitely recommend LifeGuard.
Michael Aldridge, Wellington

Now available at Hardy’s online or at a Hardy’s Health Store near you. LifeGuard is NZ’s only natural anti-inflammatory developed by a registered medical practictioner.

lifeguard essentials anti-inflammatory
LifeGuard Essentials 60s for inflammation and anti-ageing

From middle age and beyond, your immune system becomes over stimulated. It is inevitable and dangerous. Although, inflammation is essential when you are unwell, it harms you when there is too much.


5 powerful bioactives that can help you age better

Turmeric for managing inflammation and anti-ageing

Turmeric contains a potent   anti-inflammatory ingredients, especially a phytochemical called curcumin.

Skullcap for managing inflammation and anti-ageing

Skullcap’s root contains six separate anti-inflammatory phytochemicals.

Olive leaf for managing inflammation and anti-ageing

Olives have numerous constituents that block inflammation, like oleurepein.

Boswelia for managing inflammation and anti-ageing

Boswelia blocks some of the key enzymes in the inflammatory cascade.

Grape seed and grape skin for managing inflammation and anti-ageing

Grapes have more anti-inflammatory compounds than almost any other fruit.


Get the headstart you need after forty

LifeGuard Essentials 60s manages inflammation and anti-ageing

From middle age and beyond, your immune system becomes over stimulated. It is inevitable and dangerous. Although, inflammation is essential when you are unwell, it harms you when there is too much.


About us

Lifeguard Health Limited was established in 2014 by Dr Roderick Mulgan and Stephen Iorns. Dr Mulgan, co-founder and CEO, witnesses the impacts of the western lifestyle on the aging process through his practice as a GP.

A significant part of Dr Mulgan’s practice sees him providing care to residents in retirement homes. It was his desire to place a fence at the top of the cliff, instead of an ambulance at the bottom, that lead to our flagship product, LifeGuard Essentials.

In addition to his role at Lifeguard Health and his medical practice, Dr Mulgan is also a practicing barrister. In the legal profession, Dr Mulgan works with Stephen Iorns, co-founder and chairman of Lifeguard Health. The two have maintained a close association since meeting at Victoria University School of Law, working together as barristers since 2012. Stephen has both professional and personal interests in health and nutrition.

All of the team at Lifeguard take Lifeguard Essentials, and we hope you enjoy the benefit of doing so as much as we do.

LifeGuard brochure explains how to manage inflammation and age well

LifeGuard Essentials

Made from the best ingredients from around the world, Dr Roderick Mulgan’s unique blend of life enhancing bioactives and anti-inflammatories gives you the head start you need to make the most out of your years.